Advanced Scene Study: Close Up and Intimate-promo

What we will cover

  1. Breaking down a script and a character
  2. How to handle awkward situations, intimacy in scenes, close scenes on set and how to audition for them
  3. Finding the chemistry and connecting with your scene partners
  4. What to do when…, improvising and guidelines
  5. Setting boundaries and staying professional
  6. Red flags, legitimacy, venues, who, what, when, where and why

*This workshop will utilize exercises that will not require the shedding of clothing, inappropriate touching and classroom “make-out” sessions as a practice technique.

6 weeks – 3 hours per session 6pm – 9pm (12 people max.) Memorization and commitment is a requirement.

Classes will be held at Loft D (Wilkerson Theatre Art Complex) – 1723 25th Street – Sacramento, CA 95816

**Always wear comfortable clothing**


Advanced Scene Study Intimate