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Improv For Performance 1

Facing the chicken

One of the most important skills an actor can have in their arsenal
Description: This is style based improv. Not just a bunch of people doing whatever they want in a scene. There are rules to be learned. Once you learn them, there are ways to break them. There is fun to be had and many roads to be traveled. Whether you are looking to be in an improv troupe, do sketch comedy or just want to be able to get better at being spontaneous, this is for you. Once you have completed this workshop you are eligible to audition for future, more in depth improv sessions.

6 week blocks – 3 hours per session – 10-18 people.

Please try to be able to commit to the full 6 weeks.

Class begins March 27,2019    6:30pm-9:30pm

1723 25th Street – Loft D (Wilkerson Theatre Complex)