Demo Reel Editing

What Type Of Reels Do You Create?

Here are a few examples of demo reels I have put together for talent. And although my main focus is actor demo reels, we do reels for all types of talent including musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, you name it.

Chris Holley Demo Reel


Why Do I Need A Demo Reel?

Along with a headshot and resume, every actor should be working toward having a reel of their work. Ever-changing technology adds to the way we use demo reels and clips so it is very important to have a pristine and polished representation of your work easily accessible to anyone you may do work with.

Jason Michael Fong Demo Reel

Let my team and I create a demo reel that will represent you in the most powerful light and in turn increase your booking potential.


Why Would I Choose You To Create My Demo Reel?

As well as being a working actor and acting coach with many successful students in the industry, my experience behind the camera, editing and working with many aspects of the casting process, allows me to remove the burden of sifting through tons of video to find strong clips of the talent. Having edited many short films, demo reels, and industrials I save the talent time from learning software to edit their clips together. And because of working in the industry every day I am able to keep a strong and objective eye, by knowing what’s current, knowing the different lengths for different purposes, as well as the information required for different venues.

Joel The Band/Kyle Martin

I have real world experience and expertise, a long track record of successful reels, and I can help at a reasonable price. Let me alleviate the daunting confusion so you can focus on what you do best… your acting.


What If I Have More Questions?

Contact me to get started with a free consultation or if you have any further questions.
Pricing is based on a quote for the project at a minimum base structure or hourly rate, whichever is the most cost effective for the talent. 

*Please note: Not all demo reel projects are approved. Quality of performance and footage is a factor in determining if it shows the talent favorably or not to industry standards.